Hectic Creative is a service company in the field of communication that provides products and services that include communication strategies, event planning, and promotions. In 2015 it was our beginning to provide services in the business world in the field of promotions and event organizers under the name Hectic Pro.

After several years of undergoing dynamics in the field of promotion and Event Organizer, in the end of 2017 we transformed our business vision by using a new name, namely Hectic Creative. As one of the service providers focusing on the Event Organizer field, Hectic Creative is committed to providing the best, professional, creative, and upholding innovation in every service provided.

This is needed because we see social, economic and cultural life in a very dynamic society. Therefore we always provide creative and innovative ideas to always be competitive Event Creators. With our name and vision, we complement our service products by providing advertising products that include indoor and outdoor promotions.

Armed with the experience of a mature and adequate Hectic Creative initiator team in accelerating the dynamics of the business communication strategy, Hectic Creative formalized the legality and legitimacy of our company in the form of a CV. Muda Sugiharta since 2018.


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